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Councillors' DetailsWed, 26th April 2017

Councillors' Details

Telephone: 01983 855406
Email: brian.lucas@ventnortowncouncil.org.uk
Address: Nightingales
Bonchurch Village Road
Isle of Wight PO38 1RG
Committees: Planning
Ward: Bonchurch
Brian Lucas is pleased to be returning to the Town Council, now to represent Bonchurch. Since retiring from a career as a construction surveyor, and living in Bonchurch Village for the last 15 years he is very conscious of the benefits of strengthening peoples’s community involvement in the place where they live. As an active hands-on Vice Chairman of the Bonchurch Community Assocation he is keen to see Bonchurch overcome the several losses of village amenities it has suffered in recent years . Brian is a trustee and project worker of various local charities, and an Associate Governor of Ventnor’s new primary school.
Register of Interests: Interests_3370.pdf

Telephone: 01983 853647
Email: ken.knapman@ventnortowncouncil.org.uk
Address: 147a High Street
Isle of Wight PO38 1LZ
Committees: Staffing
Ward: Ventnor East
I am a retired English Teacher and dyslexia specialist. I also have an engineering background, and have lived in Ventnor for 10 years. I have taught adults as a tutor for the Council, particularly computer skills for the people in Ventnor. At present I am Chairman of Ventnor Community Projects Association, otherwise known as “The Community Café” in Albert Street.

My interests are in community learning and in continuing to run a number of independent courses in conjunction with the splendid volunteers at the café. Ventnor is blessed with numerous community organisations representing the many creative skills in our wonderful town and surrounding district. I believe community organisation is the heart of the town and should always have its voice heard on the council. The Ventnor community is the sum total of its organisations. In the present economic climate with austerity measures, the government has been shifting the burden onto the regions and the central councils have in turn been passing it on to the localities. Hence we have the problem that more is being taken out of the local economy than is put in. This situation needs to be tackled and we have to fight for our town's interests.

Having worked with the Trades Councils for a number of years, I have pressed for rightful funding for the island from the government and the EU. This is in the form of “Area Assisted Status” where we have a strong case for funds that other regions are getting and have also been involved in lobbying for cheaper ferry fares and a proper timetabled and pro-public ferry service. These initiatives have meant bringing on board the MP, the Chamber of Commerce, the IOW council, user groups and the general public. I think that Ventnor Town Council can help to progress all of these areas and look forward to working with all of the councillors on Ventnor’s behalf.
Register of Interests: Interests_4576.pdf

Telephone: 01983 853188
Email: ed.gouge@ventnortowncouncil.org.uk
Address: 3 Blendworth Terrace, Ventnor PO38 1NF
Ward: Ventnor West
I am very pleased to have been co-opted onto the Town Council for Ventnor West and look forward to helping with the many issues that the Town Council is dealing with such as parking, tourism, economic development, Salisbury Gardens and the Winter Gardens. I have trained as a town planner and have been a Councillor in London and Kent before working as a politics lecturer at the University of Leeds. I now live in Ventnor with my wife Mary and son Elliott. I look forward to being in contact with Ventnor people to find out the issues that they are concerned with. I am interested in local history and in making the historical heritage of Ventnor accessible to local people
Register of Interests: Interests_4394.pdf

Telephone: 01983 853292
Email: delian.backhouse-fry@ventnortowncouncil.org.uk
Address: Half Moon Cottage
Old Park Road
St LawrencePO38 1XR
Ward: St Lawrence
Born and bred in Ventnor. Earliest memories?, playing on the beach at Steephill, where my grandmother lived. Attended Sandown Grammar School, and left to study art in Portsmouth and London. Worked in Theatre and West End and then the BBC. Moved to the USA, lived and worked in Atlanta, Washington DC, San Francisco, and finally Dallas. My three children were born in San Francisco, and i worked for WSB, Georgia and NPR San Francisco in television and as a free lance artist.
We returned to the Island in the late 80’s, to Bonchurch, where the children attended school. my husband David Fry, died in 1994. I returned to Southampton University and completed an Honours degree in Archaeology, and an MSc in Museum Science and Heritage. I have worked in Museums and education , but my real interest is in Archaeology of the Prehistoric and Early Hominids. I have lectured in Archaeology and also lead the IWNHAS Archaeology section. I have been a School Governor in Primary Middle and High School on the Island, and continue to be actively involved in the study of archaeology in Wessex. This year we have commenced a three year Project study of the Old Abbey at Quarr, including a three week Excavation. I still paint and am now involved in the next generation of Island children in our family.
I see a real need in Ventnor for children and young people to reach their potential. Too many slip through the net and then have unhappy and unsatisfactory lives. I also see a lack of interest in our environment and culture, which should flourish in such a rich and diverse world such as the Undercliff. The great changes in world climate and the inevitable effects on us, even here, should be at the forefront of the future of a fantastic and unique town we have here on the edge of the ocean.
Register of Interests: Interests_9054.pdf

Telephone: 01983 855991
Email: stewart.blackmore@ventnortowncouncil.org.uk
Address: 4 Blendworth Terrace
Isle of Wight PO38 1NF
Ward: Ventnor West
I was elected to represent Ventnor West at the recent election and it will be my proud duty to represent all of the residents in my ward.

Originally from Scotland, I have lived in Ventnor for 30 years with my wife Margaret who is a Senior Care Manager. We have two kids, Robert and Nicola.

I am a Hospitality professional, having previously managed hotels on the Island and on the mainland and, before taking up my present position as manager of the local golf club, I was a Senior Lecturer in Hospitality Management at East Sussex College.

I am a Vice President of Ventnor Rugby Club and am Chairman of Ventnor Royal British Legion.
Register of Interests: Interests_7841.pdf

Deputy Mayor
Telephone: 01983 857360
Email: leigh.geddes@ventnortowncouncil.org.uk
Address: 20 North Street
Isle of Wight PO38 1NJ
Ward: St Lawrence
I have lived in Ventnor and Bonchurch for most of my life, and its balmy climate and alarming geology are dear to me.

I know that what benefits the town as a whole also benefits every person who lives, works or visits here, so it is a treat to be working with energetic and committed councillors who want to make the most of every possibility, so that Ventnor enjoys a future that we can all be proud of.
Register of Interests: Interests_445.pdf

Telephone: 01983 856102
Email: jason.mack@ventnortowncouncil.org.uk
Address: St Martins Lodge, Lowtherville Road, Ventnor PO38 1AR
Ward: Lowtherville
Jason was elected to Lowtherville ward in September 2010. He has lead responsibility for Infrastructure and continues the quest for appropriate 'growing sites` within the town and its boundaries. Jason is also a Parent Foundation Governor for St Francis Primary School. He can be contacted by any of the means above or you can stop him in the street; either way, he is always willing to hear from people or organisations that can take Ventnor forward.
Register of Interests: Interests_8073.pdf

Telephone: 07712 352912
Email: tony.marvin@ventnortowncounci.org.uk
Address: Delamere
Bellevue Road
Isle of Wight PO38 1DB
Committees: Planning
Ward: Ventnor East
I come from a long established Island family that has a 100-year association with our town. I like to say that Great-Grandfather Marvin came to Ventnor from “oop North”…Ryde! The Marvins have been prominent in business and political life in Cowes and Ryde.

On leaving school, I joined the Regular Army, staying for ten years and then started a business career as a management consultant, working with major British companies such as BP, Unilever, Barclays and also with the government — including the Department for Work & Pensions and the Immigration & Nationality Department.

In 2003 I returned to live in Ventnor and kept myself busy working in B&Q and as a lay (non-elected) member of the then Isle of Wight Council’s Scrutiny Committee. As a keen cyclist I have also worked as a cycling instructor in schools on the Island.

Though leaving the Regular Army in 1982 seemed like a long time ago, I had not forgotten that my name was somewhere on the Reserve List. But I was still surprised in 2007, at the age of 53, to be invited to serve my country again. I have since completed three tours of Afghanistan, returning most recently in November 2011.

We are all very fortunate to live here in Bonchurch, Ventnor, St Lawrence sheltered under the “cliff”. There are many issues that need to be grappled with to make it an even better place to live and this is where I hope to make a difference.
Register of Interests: Interests_1038.pdf

Telephone: 01983 856160/07970009605
Email: harry.rees@ventnortowncouncil.org.uk
Address: Top Flat
133 Whitepit Lane
PO30 1NH
Committees: Staffing
Ward: Ventnor East
I have the privilege of representing the above Ward
I was elected to the Council in June 2010 having lived in Ventnor since the early 70's.
At present my roles centre on assisting my constituents, the Town Plan, the emerging Island Plan and staffing. I also represent the Council on IWALC. ( I.W. Association of Local Councils)
Formerly I served for 18 years on Shanklin Town Council (my business then was in Shanklin). I have been both an I.W.County Councillor and also served on the IW Unitary Authority. As Leader of the Independent Group was deputy Leader and a member of the Executive Committee.
Ventnor, like other Island Towns faces many challenges both now and in the future. We have to ensure that our town is not only fit for purpose but can withstand the ever changing Local Government Legislation/Island economic scene.
I am available at Paddingtons, 68 High Street, Ventnor tel 856160.
Register of Interests: Interests_293.pdf

Telephone: 01983 855595
Email: steve.stubbings@ventnortowncouncil.org.uk
Address: Oldfield, St Boniface Road, Ventnor PO38 1PL
Committees: Staffing
Ward: Lowtherville
I am delighted to have been re-elected by my fellow councillors as chair of Ventnor Town Council and I look forward to working with this excellent team in a new political climate. We have good reason to be encouraged by the possibilities that a closer relationship between County Hall and the Towns and Parishes offers us.
Register of Interests: Interests_5490.pdf

Telephone: 07823 881120
Email: james.toogood@ventnortowncouncil.org.uk
Address: The Deck, Esplanade, Ventnor PO38 1JT
Committees: Planning
Ward: Ventnor West
James Toogood joined Ventnor Town Council in October 2010 wanting to be part of a team that provides the best services possible to the Town and ensuring value for money. A native Islander, James brings qualified talents as a businessman with practical knowledge and ability in the building trade. His renovation and restoring experience makes him ideal in judging the merits or otherwise of developments in the town. He believes in openness and working with the electorate, encouraging them to take a full part in the town's future.
Register of Interests: Interests_2756.pdf