title="Ventnor Town Council on the Isle of Wight">

WardsMon, 17th January 2022

Ventnor is divided into two Wards for Isle of Wight Council elections, each with one councillor to represent that area:–

  • Ventnor & St Lawrence,
  • Wroxall, Lowtherville & Bonchurch.

These are edged in red on the map below

The town is divided into four Wards for elections to Ventnor Town Council:-

  • Bonchurch & Ventnor East - 2 councillors
  • Lowtherville - 2 councillors
  • St Lawrence - 1 councillor
  • Ventnor West - 6 councillors

Thesse are edged in yellow on the map below


Map of Ventnor Wards

[click map to enlarge]

The Town Council Wards: from left to right on the map – west to east – are St Lawrence, Ventnor West, Bonchurch & Ventnor East, with the Lowtherville ward to the North of them..